Child Support Assistance for Fathers


An affiliate of the South Carolina Corporate Coalition for CommUnity Service 

"Fathers sometims just need a hand up not a hand out for our children"  "The Corporate Coalitions Child Support efforts helps to do just that for fathers."

IF YOU    Are behind in your Child Support? 

DO YOU  need an adjustment of your Child Support due to: Loss or change of employment
Reduction in incomeChange in income?    

 DO YOU  have a criminal record that keeps you from being gainfully employed or employable?  

DO YOU  or your estranged  spouse or significant other seek mutual visitation arrangements  but cannot come to a reasonable agreement?

We want YOU to know YOUR rights, responsibilities and opportunities as you support YOUR children!

The South Carolina Corporate Coalition for Community Service is a 501-C3 Nonprofit organization. We have a team of trained, certified mediators in the areas of Child Support Assistance, General Mediation and Conflict Resolution who  work with fathers.  We specialize in helping families reach reasonable solutions to complex family issues.  We will walk you through the process to get  REAL RESULTS!!!! REPRESENTATIVES WILL BEGIN ACCEPTING APPOINTMENTS JANUARY 5, 2015. CALL TODAY FOR  CONSULTATION (803) 936-2027. Our offices are located at 2001 Assembly Street, Suite 204, Columbia, SC 29201.


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